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Sternderl Social Drink

Austria’s new social drink is available NOW! Organic herbal syrup from Lower Austria which is not just refreshing, it’s helpful too! That’s because the net proceeds of every Sternderl goes towards helping the families and children of the Sterntalerhof, whose tomorrow is written in the stars.

This is what you’re drinking:

Organic herbal syrup produced by green sheep in Lower Austria, fused together with pure carbonated water and a splash of lemon.

green sheep

This is who you're supporting:

Families with children whose future is written in the stars. The net proceeds of this can support the Sterntalerhof (hospice for terminally ill children) and their network partners.


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Michael Priessnitz had the idea to create a refreshment drink based on his Green Sheep – flower and herbal syrups. Harald Jankovits, managing director of Sterntalerhof, is always on the lookout for harmonious support in the development of his "Children’s hospice Sterntalerhof" social project.

Both gentlemen care very much about social cohesion in society, a healthy diet for themselves and their families as well as a clean environment for all our children.

In cooperation with the communications agency Tonality, they developed this little starlet called STERNDERL (which is the German word for a little starlet) – a regional refreshment drink whose net proceeds support the Sterntalerhof network.

Michael Priessnitz produces organic flower and herbal syrups through his Green Sheep company based in Schiltern, Lower Austria. Everything is done by hand and based on traditional recipes with natural ingredients. For many years he has been supporting the Sterntalerhof children’s hospice.

Harald Jankovits is managing director of the Sterntalerhof. Over the last two decades, he developed the “Sterntalerhof concept” as a place of harbourage for families with critically, chronically or terminally ill children. This concept has developed from being a private initiative to a professional organisation with an Austrian network and cross-border cooperations.

When you are thirsty, drink some water. If in addition, you want a great taste as well as some energy, then reach for a STERNDERL.

Because STERNDERL is an organic, plant-based refreshment drink with natural ingredients and therefore THE alternative to soft and energy drinks.

All ingredients are hand-picked, harvested and processed directly from nature. We do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

According to the official EU implementation regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products, organic products shall contain neither artificial flavours nor preservatives of any kind.

Since the entire net proceeds go to the Sterntalerhof children’s hospice and its network partners, it creates a new category of drink: the SOCIAL DRINK.

We hope that’s reason enough!

STERNDERL’s sustainability has several dimensions.

Michael Priessnitz and Harald Jankovits care very much about social cohesion in society, a healthy diet for themselves and their families, and a clean environment for all our children.

For both, the preservation of resources and harmonisation with nature is also equally as important. The pure and natural ingredients are harvested by hand with great care and in rhythm with the seasons, making the STERNDERL an organic product.

Green sheep has voluntarily undergone the processes of organic certification for all basic ingredients as well as their processing in order to be able to absolutely guarantee the organic label.

We also aim to make sure that all employees, suppliers and partners are treated with respect and in a fair way, which in most cases, results in a personal and amicable relationship. Lets face it, the people behind STERNDERL want to work in a pleasant atmosphere after all.

STERNDERL takes care to use ecologically justifiable, short transport routes. We rely on DHL Express Go Green as often as possible, guaranteeing CO2 neutral transports when we deliver our STERNDERL.

This is of vital importance to us. An independent tax accountant confirms the amount of net proceeds every year on the basis of the annual financial statement, for which Michael Priessnitz is responsible.

These net proceeds then finance specific investments at the Sterntalerhof and its network partners, for which Harald Jankovits is responsible.

Due to Harald’s two decades of round-the-clock efforts, in order to build up or improve infrastructure, he often knows exactly where a lot can be done with only a little money.

Proper use of the net proceeds for their intended purpose is traceable and accurately reviewed.

Sterntalerhof sees itself as a hospice in the original meaning of the word, as a “harbourage” where the entire affected family is welcomed and accompanied in a “normal” everyday routine; even and especially if that means having to say goodbye to a loved one. The special thing about it is, that in-house and mobile care are combined.

While the families stay at Sterntalerhof, they are welcomed and accompanied by a professional interdisciplinary team. When they are back home, they are comprehensively supported by network partners in order to get back to a normal everyday routine. They are employed on a fee basis. Additionally, professionals and institutes are supported who autonomously take care of affected families like at Sterntalerhof.

From the first day, the Sterntalerhof has been financing its work exclusively through private funding and is therefore existentially carried by civil society. And every sip of your STERNDERL contributes to work at Sterntalerhof and the work of its partners.

More and more people consume drinks on the go. This can is easy to carry, quick to cool and does not need much space in your bag. Tossing your STERNDERL can, into the right recycling container after use helps to endlessly re-use the valuable aluminum without any loss of quality. This preserves resources and saves energy!

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